Nafplio has charming Venetian heritage and is one of the most beautiful towns in the area of Argolis (in eastern Peloponnese) as well as one of the most romantic cities all over Greece. Nafplio was the first capital of the newly born Greek state between 1823 and 1834.

A sovereign naval nation-city in ancient times, Nafplio was founded and named (according to Greek mythology) by hero Nafplios, father of Palamidis.

A target for Franks, Venetians, and Ottomans, they all repeatedly tried, and succeeded quite a few times, to conquer it.

In 1829, after the Greek War of Independence from the Ottoman Empire, Nafplio was chosen as the first capital of the new-founded state and democracy. The palace was on the square in front of today’s town hall.

In 1833 the capital moved to Athens, the town remaining capital of the prefecture.


It occupies a knockout location, on a small port beneath the towering Palamidi fortress, and is graced with attractive narrow streets, elegant Venetian houses, neoclassical mansions and interesting museums.

It’s also full of quayside cafes, posh boutiques and many comfortable hotels and guesthouses, and it has a lovely romantic downtown with cozy streets – it is a great place to stay for radial traveling around Peloponnese.

Nafplio is built in two parts, the old, covering all the peninsula and the new, expanding to the north and the east.

Upon your arrival you will probably drop off at the central bus station, which is at the east end of the old town, or at the port, hosting a large parking area, at the north seaside of the town.

It is sometimes confusing to some that the hill overlooking the town is on the south of the town and the sea on the north. But once you notice it is easy to walk around the orderly shaped blocks.


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